5 Must-Read Business Blog Ideas

Are you trying to drum up website ideas for your business? When it comes to finding reasons not to write a business blog for your company, people can easily come up with quite a few excuses: lack of time, struggling to find the midpoint between a business conversation and more informal articles, fear of being too transparent with your customers and, mainly, the challenge to find good business blog ideas.

So, I have put together a creative list of five business website ideas with the aim to not only provide topics for your blog, but also to inspire you, so that no excuse would stop you from writing a great website for your company:

1. Blogging About Your Products

While many companies just post some information about their products or services, one of the best ways to sell is to establish an open conversation with your customers having your products as the central piece.

So, instead of long (and sometimes quite boring) posts describing the one million advantages of your product, why not illustrating your production process and supply chain with videos and images, so that people can understand that the quality of your products go much beyond a beautiful good in a shelf? Other business websites ideas would be to develop tutorials explaining how to prolong the life time of your products, how to make the most of them or even how two or more of your products combined could add even more value to your customers.

Still with the same focus, what about counting on your customers valuable insights and recommendations for your future products? Depending on your sector, customers could also be thrilled with the challenge to tell other customers about unexpected ways to use your product.

Go Pro, for example, has done it really well, creating a significant buzz around their products with its blog and creating a community of real fans (rather than simple customers).

2. Blogging About Your Industry

It may be clear that you understand every detail of your product, but are you also up to date with the latest trends in your industry? So, using your blog to keep your customers informed about the news and any future directions about your sector could be a really good website business idea to attest to the market your business is a trend-setter and is here to stay.

Indeed, the perception of a business focused on the long-term will provide your clients the peace of mind that your products will not get quickly obsolete, and that your customers will not be left behind without any customer support, even years after acquiring your products. Moreover, this may also be quite attractive for investors and strategic partners, willing to set up long-term alliances with your company.

For example, if you want to understand the latest global media trends, just go to Havas Media Blog, and you can find lots of information about mobile, social shopping and tech innovation; everything logically really well tied to Havas Media brand by an outstanding business idea website.

3. Blogging About Your Customers

At the end, your customers are the main target of your business and of your blog! But, what about having your customers also as the main stars of your website?

While many business websites simply post their customers testimonials (in many cases, without any identification or credibility), my suggestion is to go much beyond that. So, a much better website idea for your business would be to interview your customers, asking not only what they like about your products, but also any points of improvement (just make sure you ask their permission to post the video - or at least the transcript - of the interview in your blog, as you do not want to face any legal issues). Then, to add even more reliability to your interviews, do not reward your customers with money, but with an outstanding service level that will confirm you have listened to their requests and make sure their future comments will be even more positive about you and your business.

Salesforce even offers its customers the possibility to produce high quality promotional videos about their own businesses and stories of success, logically making some references to how Salesforce services have supported their growth.

4. Blogging About Your Business

Even considering your customers, products and industry trends should be the main protagonists of your business blog, the best small business blog idea is to write about your own business or company.

In this case, it is not about bragging about yourself and your many success stories or awards your business may have... It is actually more about using your blog to get closer to your customers and to let them know about your history, your intrinsic motivations to launch and develop your business, any challenges you may have faced during your first steps and even interesting anecdotes about your company.

Harley-Davidson, for example, has launched an online museum with loads of information about its brand, its story since 1901, special moments and a really interactive timeline.

Other brands even set challenges for themselves (growth, international expansion, etc), and invite their customers to follow their blogs to get informed about their achievements.

5. Blogging in a Personal Way

No matter whether your website business ideas are related to your products, your customers, your industry or your business; just do it in a quite personal way! It is not because it is a business website that it needs to be boringly formal and distant. Expand your view and adapt some broader website recommendations, or even some personal blog ideas, to your company.

business blog idea

So, why not interviewing the other owners of your business, or introducing your teams to your customers? What about a competition among your stores to recognise and reward the employee of the month, based on your customers' feedback?

How interesting could be to your customers to read how 1 day in life of your distribution centres looks like? Or to help selecting which social cause your company will contribute to as part of your CSR programme? Capital One for example, for more than 13 years, ran a contest among its customers to choose its National Mascot of the Year.  

So, in Conclusion...

Take one of these business blog ideas as yours and feel how your target react to your initial positioning. It doesn't matter what small business website ideas you develop; what is important is to just start something, or you may regret for missing out this chance! With these ideas, you will have plenty of opportunities to fine tune your focus to your readers' preferences afterwards.

Marcus Pequeno