Case Study: Income Streams

500Bloggers.comThis article conveniently follows on from my post on How To Create Income Streams. I was contacted today by a good contact that I have become to know more about over the past few weeks. His name is Andreas Bard, and I have to say, when it comes to developing ways of creating cashflow, this entrepreneur knows what he’s talking about!

Andreas has setup many forums which I won’t go into in much detail, but recently he’s delved into the world of advertising. His first site is called 500Bloggers.com and I think its especially appropriate since we’re both bloggers. This idea is a branch of the pixel advertising except using the more traditional text link method, which I think works equally well.

500bloggers.com is a word-cloud concept, where bloggers can add their name and link. All it costs is $5 to place your link. Of course, if you want to spruce it up a bit with a larger or differently coloured font then it will cost extra, but I think it would definitely be worthwhile, so that hundreds of visitors to the site will be able to see your site name clearly and thus give you a whole load of new visitors!

As well as having this project which already seems to be pulling in some good revenue for Andreas, he has also launched a similar project called 50Affiliates.com. Again this site is a word-cloud concept but of course is geared more towards those who use affiliate programs and who have products of their own. Again 50Affiliates.com seems to be proving a hit, so coupled with 500Bloggers, that should make for a great money making duo.

It is in this way that Andreas has expanded his portfolio to include other ways of making money like I explained in my article. This is the key on the internet, if one method fails then you can fall back on the other. Don’t put your eggs in one basket is a phrase regularly used, and Andreas Bard does exactly the opposite, which should work well in his favour.

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