Company Blog as the Best Tool for Achieving Your Business Goals

best free wordpress hostingIn the recent decade, blogs have become an essential part of websites that allowed to connect with the visitors and share some information with them. Even though the first blogs did not have a direct purpose of promotion and marketing, their increasing importance for achieving business goals has been recognized by businesses. The word “blog” actually is a combination of two words: “web” and “log,” which literally means “presence in the network.”

What type of blog should I use?

Being present in the network and making an impact on the customers is one of the main objectives of the businesses, so blogs have quickly become popular on the Internet. There are three main types of blogs that have been used by businesses, including personal, collective, and corporate.

The first respective type of blog can be used for professional and personal reasons with the purpose of sharing the opinion with the visitors. In the recent years, many personal blogs have been picked up by businesses to advertise their products because one blog is generally visited by people who share the same interests or goals. For example, the personal blog of a young Norwegian beauty expert Emilie Vie Nereng is full of pictures and descriptions of beauty products that are advertised among the female visitors of the website.

Corporate blogs are managed by companies in order to inform the visitors about their services and related topics while collective blogs are written by communities the members of which share something in common.

Benefits of Blogs for Businesses

Whatever option you choose, keep in mind that they can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which are attracting new customers and employees, increasing brand awareness, and showing the life of a community/company/person and so on. Also, you need to remember that blog is a very useful tool for online marketing that is used by many companies as well, so making it unique in some way is a really great idea.

Let’s move on to the specific benefits of blogs that will help you to achieve your business goals.

1. Blog drives the traffic to your website

Does your business require new visitors to sell more or increase the awareness about something? The blog is a perfect tool to do just that because it increases the online presence of your website by updating it. Think about how many pages there are on your website. Maybe five, six, not a lot. Next, let’s see how many times you have updated it. Maybe none, because why would you need to update your home page or about us page, right? Nothing’s changed. Google does not like the sites that do not get updated and visited because it perceives them as old and obsolete, not worth the attention.

The blog solves this problem. By constantly providing your blog with new articles, you update your website and make it more popular with Google, which means that it will drive more visitors there.

Also, the blog may work together with social media accounts of your business. A blog post can be shared on social networks, therefore, it can get more exposure.

2. Blog helps to convert Traffic into Leads

When you achieved the needed volume of visitors, you need to convert them into leads, and this is also done by the blog. To achieve this task, you need to create so-called calls-to-actions that would persuade the visitors to leave their information for you, such as name and email address. There are lots of ways how you can add these calls-to-actions on the page but you need to ensure that they are good enough for a person to share their information with you.

According to Mark Greenberg, an online marketer from Proessaywriting, the best way to get people to convert into leads is to offer them some free stuff that could be used by them, such as ebooks, marketing reports, trials of products, discounts, and many more other things. When a visitor sees the call to action and becomes interested in the offer, they click on it and get redirected to the page where they need to provide the data you need from them, such as first name, last name, country or state, and email address. When the form is completed, the visitor submits the information and receives the free offer.

This simple process described how to turn a visitor into a lead through the blog. However, do not think that call-to-action work on every visitor because they do not. The best way to ensure more conversions is to put more calls-to-actions, but staying within reasonable limits per article is strongly recommended.

3. It can create a Positive Image

Business blogs often share some information that helps the visitors to achieve certain tasks. For example, this article from Pocket-lint can teach how to play Pokémon Go and get some tips and tricks associated with the game. Apparently, it is useful for the gamers and everyone interested in more Pokemon experience, so people will visit this page to learn some tips and tricks. When the people do that, they form a positive image of the site and consider it as an authority in this area.

You should keep this in mind when writing the articles for you blog because you need to have as positive image as possible to get visited. Imagine that you are an information person who needs to answers the questions of people related to your area of business, and you want to be helpful for them, so you provide only reliable and professional in-depth explanations. For example, if you operate a travel agency, you can advise your visitors on how to select the best options of journeys and hotels in specific countries and areas.

The Bottom Line

Blog is great for your business because of three main reasons: it increases the traffic to your website, helps to convert them into leads, and helps to create a positive image among the possible leads. If you are looking to create your own blog, these reasons are perfect for the start.

Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman is high skilled editor and proofreader who currently works at Aussiessay . He is proficient in blog writing and online freelance networking. Feel free to contact him via Facebook .