Development Tips To Become A Better Dev: Advice Roundup

In this post we asked a handful of developers.. well… “how to become a better developer?” 

Lets see what they had to say:

Michael Levan from


– Don’t worry about the language. Worry about learning the fundamentals (functions, variables, etc.)
– Stick with a language that you enjoy.
– Don’t get too invested in IDE functionality. It makes programming easier, but it also takes away the fundamental skills needed for a beginner.
– Learn how to ship your code. CICD is crucial for any developer.
– Don’t worry about writing complex, cool-looking code. Write code that’s straightforward and necessary.

Jordan Hansen from

Jordan HansenJordan wrote in with a handful of tips:

– Write tests and implement them into your regular process so you run them.
– Be prepared for exceptions and handle them properly.
– You can overcome a lot of problems with retries.
– Programming is pretty much doing magic!

Scott Moses

Content Marketer & Wordpress developer from using his coding skills to make the web a better place.