Different ways to blog: Vlogging

In my last post on alternative forms of blogging, I talked about how Podcasting has become a mainstream and increasingly popular way of sharing your ideas, and broadcasting interviews on your website.

Today, I would like to focus on a novel concept of blogging, and a form which I think hasn’t been explored much by the top bloggers in the blogosphere.

Vlogging, or video logging uses motion picture as the primary form of content. By implementing continuous action, sound, and text if need be, the user can make use of more information in an easier to use format.

Now, I say in an easier to use format, solely because the number of people who own an AVI player or a video player is on the increase. Therefore, like podcasting, a person can download a video blog post from the publisher’s website, or from iTunes, and can transfer the file to their iPod Video for example, and can then watch the content on the move and at their own leisure.

So you want to start Vlogging yourself? Just do a Google search for “Make your own Video Blog” and there will probably be numerous free programs out there which will help you to startup in the vlogosphere. However, as always there are advantages and disadvantages to vlogging. Advantages include:

  • You can make the vlog with free software
  • The novelty of your vlog will mean that word will spread, along with more traffic.
  • You can give your viewers a real insight into your life or business.
  • You can give much better tutorials, as viewers will be able to see the exact steps you can take in order to design a specific template, or customise your ads in a specific way.

However, and in the case of vlogging there can be incurring costs. Firstly, aside from the software itself, you may have to purchase a high quality and up to date video camcorder which will allow you to make the videos. A webcam may work just as well. Also, you may have to host your own videos that you make, and it is likely that these will take up a sizeable amount of space and therefore bandwidth if you get lots of visitors to your site.

Finally, there is a big problem in terms of placing ads. At the moment, Google Adsense has only just brought out its Google Video advertising program. However, these ads will only show up on your webpage and not in the video itself. Unless you are a keen designer, and manage to edit your video to include some textual sponsored ads, then you may be stuck in terms of revenue.

I hope in the future, I myself will start to vlog, especially with the launch of www.blogtrepreneur.com. You may see a few video tutorials on my new site, but I won’t give too much away!

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