Digital Trends For Marketing 2018

Top rated business owners always start their new year resolution by planning their year ahead of time. Once your budget 2018 is set up, you will need to get started with preparing your best strategy for 2018. You have to make selection that can offer you with best conversion rates.

To plan your best marketing strategies you need to go through the trends mentioned in this article.

Micro Moments

With advancement, mobile gadgets are gaining popularity. They have influenced our minds for creating best brand awareness. With this in mind, micro moments have also managed to shift on our devices. Using the mobile phones you can perform a number of big or small tasks like searching for online stores, dish ingredients or even your holiday trip.

95 percent of global population perform search on Google looking for small set of information. Successful brands have tendency to make use these moments for creating their brands awareness – right information at the right time for right customers.


This is an important aspect for the success of your online business and eCommerce site. Starting from baby food to dog shelter homes or even Buy Bitcoin tutorials, the trend of adding a video to your web site is certainly gaining popularity.

The moment you add a video, people tend to stay much longer on any website. It offers your brand with an interactive element. You can also get your audiences involved by requesting them for likes or share.

Some top rated brands have managed to create their best video tutorials or ads online on some of the best platforms including social media networks – snap chats, face book, twitter, etc.

So for 2018 it is bets for business owners to try and focus more on visualization. Presently more users try and spend time on their smart phones.

  • There are more number of YouTube users as compared to Cable TV or TV network.
  • Advertising on YouTube offers with more traffic as compared to your local TV network or Prime Time network.

According to latest states over 1.7 billion people globally log on to FaceBook while over 8 billion videos are shared and liked every day by people.

You need to keep in mind that present consumers are easily tempted by a nice video as compared to reading advertisements.

Visibility using Native ads

Sometimes native ads also have the power to grab the sight of the audiences. There area number of users who may not prefer ads that are interruptive. People try and close ads that pop up on their own while browsing a website. This is one issue that is best taken care of by making use of native ads. The fact is that these ads blend in so perfectly with any website that people just don’t mind their presence.

Such ads can be used in numerous ways for creating your brand awareness in 2018 in the form of contents, search results, or even listings.

So for 2018, the trend for digital marketing has also altered. So this is the right time when corporate need to start implementing with new trends for planning their processes.


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