Efficiency and Consistency: Two important entrepreneurial terms

For those of you who have been following me as the Blogtrepreneur for the past few months since I have set up this site, you will have noticed that recently I have upped the amount of posting to the site, and therefore (hopefully) you are finding more content that is relevant to the world of business and entrepreneurialism.

As a result of my hard work, I have recently begun to see the benefits of my labour, the other morning I logged into my Adsense account and saw to my amazement that I had already earned $2.60, with the balance at the end of the day finishing at $2.73. Now I’m not a one to share my earnings with the whole world, but I really wanted to highlight two things:

1) I’ve actually been revising for exams at the moment. But, even with all the time Im putting into that, I’ve actually been motivated to write more articles for Blogtrepreneur. This is helpful, as it means when Im completely conked out, I can go onto the computer and let off some steam by writing a few articles. In fact, by blogging I have released some of the tension and stress that I have had from exams, and channeled it into constructive articles.

2) Even though I do not follow a strict timetable, I try to publish one post at least every day, so that returning readers always have something new to read. This has helped again increase the number of people that have subscribed to my feeds, which is now currently sitting at 11 subscribers (By the way, you can subscribe too by either clicking on a feedreader chicklet, or by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar).

By being both consistent and efficient and not wasting valuable time (remember time = money), I have actually managed to write more and publicize my blog more, and therefore have optimized revenue, which is something that all entrepreneurs should be striving for.