First Class Boss: FlightHub’s Guide To Being Productive In First Class

Imagine your workspace. Now imagine it closing around you like a horror movie-like trap. That’s what it can feel like when you try to work on an airplane. Whether it’s a loud sleeper, a crying baby, or a simply the claustrophobic feeling of being crammed into your seat, being productive in the air is not an easy task.

While perhaps you have developed hacks that allow you to work under any conditions, you’ve probably wondered what its like at the front of the plane. We asked FlightHub, an online travel agency, what perks lie at the front of the plane for those who are looking to get some work done between stops.

Make Friends And Prospects

One thing many people don’t recognize about flying in first class is that you may not just be sitting next to another person. According to FlightHub’s review, first class flying is a great way to network. You may not strike that big deal or find a new opportunity, but knowledge is power and you never know what you can glean or learn from the person sitting next to you. Lest we forget, first class also gives you a chance to catch a ride with a celebrity or athlete you admire. Fact is, the opportunity exists for you to meet someone unique in first class.

Take Advantage Of Your Priority Boarding And Deplaning

FlightHub says you need to take advantage of the fact you get priority when it comes to loading and unloading the plane. Take this extra time and be productive. It isn’t just time on the plane, but also in the terminal and baggage carousel. These extra minutes can be used for many things, whether it’s catching up on work, catching some sleep, or just relaxing.

Be More Productive

Perhaps the first thing people think of when they think of first class travel, the seating. This in itself is a huge benefit to anyone who is trying to get some in-flight cramming done. But it isn’t just the seating that helps you get work done. Better food, more legroom, and the chance to get some real sleep in can help prepare you for meetings, presentations, or demos that await you at your destination. All in all, feeling relaxed, rested, and prepared goes a long way towards finding success in your business life according to FlightHub.

This is a guest post by Keith Holland.
Keith Holland is the Community Manager for Momentum Ventures in Montreal, Quebec and a President's Letter recipient at Humber College's School Of Journalism.

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