Food Poisoning for 12 Days

Its been 12 or so days since I last posted at Blogtrepreneur and all you budding entrepreneurs are probably wanting to know what’s happened to me. I’ve been ill with food poisoning. Now to be scientifically correct I actually have Salmonella and I havn’t completely got it out of my system yet. I still rely on having a bathroom within a 10 metre radius of wherever I have because unfortunately I have the runs (sorry to go into detail!).

I contracted the Salmonella along with 9 others – friends and family – so it wasn’t just me. We think it was some uncooked chicken, or some dodgy kebabs, but either way I’ve been in pretty much full time pain and discomfort for 2 weeks. As of such, I have been unable to make it the whole 5 yards to the study where my computer is, and so my online presence has dimished.

But Im pleased to say that Im back on track for recovery and that I’ll be trying to get online everyday now. I’ve got a lot to finish – including writing numerous posts on this blog and others as a guest writer (look out for my articles at YoungGoGetter and the Official YoungEntrepreneur.com Blog.

GolfChum is also raring to go, and that will definitely be up once the site is live and kicking. And finally, ChipandChat has become a little stagnated, but that should pick up once I get back on there and start posting away.

So I’ll try and make a quick a recovery as possible so I can continue on my quest to become a big-time entrepreneur online. Thanks for staying tuned!

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