Going off on a Tangent like a True Entrepreneur!

Lately, you may have seen that I have been starting to talk more about blogging itself, and focusing on How To Make Money from blogging. It has taken a few kind words from the Director of MindPetals Entrepreneur Network (www.mindpetals.com), to put me back on track.

For those of you who are relatively new to Blogtrepreneur, the reason why I chose such a creative name, was to reflect my love for entrepreneurship, and also to show the format that I would be presenting my experiences in…a blog. Now, I have covered a wide array of topics in this blog (for example How To Start Your Own E-Business), and I feel that I have strayed off the topic a bit lately.

Therefore, I would like to return to my roots, and continue to write about how you too can build your entrepreneurial talent. Every entrepreneur is bound to go off on a tangent whilst writing…it’s only natural! I was not surprised to know, reading a few of my favourite forums, that other entrepreneurs also shared the same habit of losing track of their path when they have been struck with a good idea. To me, entrepreneurship is about creation of novel ideas, and about how you can put these ideas into practice.

What I have learnt from this diversion is to stay focused on your goal, which in my case, are to provide the right content for my readers and to network with them and continue to share information round. I have also realised the need for a notebook or pad of paper wherever I am. I always seem to have brainwaves in the most impractical of situations (dropping off to sleep, eating my dinner), and I let these pass without jotting them down. This is a serious mistake for all those who want to capitalize on any ideas, so I will practice using a jotter to help me organize my thoughts.

Who knows, I have discovered a new and uncovered passion for blogging, and so you may see a How To Start Blogging Site popup somewhere…but I will keep you informed! If you ever feel that there is a subject that needs to be discussed, please let me know, but be certain that there will be a whole new level of entrepreneurship in my next blog at www.blogtrepreneur.com. Just to update you on this, I have nearly finished making the design with Matt from www.mandladventures.com, and hopefully the site will be up very very shortly, so stay tuned!

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