Golf Chum in Beta Stages: 2 Testers Needed

Yesterday saw the completion of the Golf Chum program that I’ve been creating for the past 2 weeks. I was very happy with the way things have been going, and managed to find a solution to a problem that I had been facing. With the help of my “wannabe programmer” brother, I managed to package up the program, and allow the first 5 Beta Testers to see if things were good.

All said that the program was impressive! So Im anticipating a good response to the release of GolfChum when it is out in the open very soon. One of the comments about the program was not to release it in a .exe version. I would have to agree that I am particularly scared myself about downloading .exe’s as “you can never know whats really in them!”. As a result, I packaged up my program into a .zip file for quicker downloading and much safer downloads (even though the program has no viruses whatsever, its better to please the public!).

For further opinion though, I would like 2 more Beta Testers to try out the program. This would involve giving generous feedback once the testing period is complete – with suggestions upon how I could improve the program, and what aspects of the program strike you as impressive!

I’ll keep you all updated about the final release of Version 1.00 of The Golf Chum. I havn’t really set any targets as to how many downloads Ill get. I’ll be tracking the success of Golf Chum through the amount of email addresses I receive, as people will have to give this tiny bit of information in order to download the program, just so I can build up a list of the internet golfers out there for future versions and news.

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