Google to rival Paypal?

Being a keen and regular user of Paypal myself, I thought I should bring to attention some great news that I heard that Google is set to be challenging Paypal with their own internet payment service.
Although Paypal continues to earn eBay more than $200 million dollars in a quarter, I’ve still seen many people complain about account blocking and money problems associated with Paypal. Check them out (beware there are quite a few):

GBuy, is set to be the latest development from The Mountain View in California with owner Eric Schmidt saying that Google Inc. were about to introduce a “person-to-person, stored-value payments system”, which apparently is the same description Paypal gives to itself!
I have had a good experience personally with Paypal. All my eBay auctions rely on Paypal, so I shouldn’t really be grumbling. Has anyone had any experiences that they would like to share about Paypal?
I think that with Google the way they are, leading the Internet forward, Paypal are no competition to them, who knows GBuy could be eBay’s next associate!

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