How Big Data is Powering AI to Think and Act like Humans

AI is the “Most Disruptive” New Technology of the Future

It’s just a matter of time when artificial intelligence will penetrate each and every aspect of our human lives. Not just how we learn, eat, travel and more, even when it comes to decision making, enhancing customer engagement, improving businesses processes and more, AI will prove to be the catalyst that drives significant growth and profitability.

According to NewVantage Partners’ Annual Big Data Executive Survey, 88.5% of top executives believe that AI will have more telling impact over their companies as opposed to other technologies.  

However here’s the thing:

AI on its own can achieve only so much. Only when AI is paired with Big Data the magic happens.

Have you heard of Connie, the first concierge robot from Hilton Hotel? The robot is well-trained to answer customer queries regarding hotel inquiries, in addition to info relating to local site seeing destinations, restaurants and more.  This is because the robot has been exposed to extensive data, which, in turn, helps the robot process the future input faster.

Or Google’s Duplex, an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that’s programmed to manage customer service requests such as booking an appointment or offering basic information.

Again, this amazingly human AI tool is able to deal with customer queries so easily and quickly because it has been exposed to hundreds of thousands of hours of spoken word that were made digitally available to Duplex, which in turn, enabled this AI to speak the human tongue.

Looking Back: AI before the Explosion of Big Data

The integration of big data with AI is being considered as the single most important development that will plausibly shape the future of businesses, particularly in terms of how businesses will be extracting value out of data, and more important, powering their analytic capabilities.

Nonetheless, if you look back into AI history, many of the AI software technologies had remained dormant for decades. And it was mainly because of lack of data availability, limited sample size, not to mention the inability to measure massive amounts of data on an immediate basis.   

Now with the explosion of data, AI technologies are able to take advantage of it and provide useful learning and results.  Far more important, the ability to access larger and larger volumes of big data (not representative data) by data scientists is leading to a significant evolution in AI applications.  Unsurprisingly, several organizations are switching from a hypothesis-based approach to “data first” approach. Organization these days simply need big data consulting help. They will need to load the data and let AI applications run on it. This way the data itself point the direction and tells a story.    

AI Continues to Ripen due to Continuous Explosion of Data

Each year, data production is getting doubled. Meaning, within the next decade there will be 150 billion networked sensors. The data will aid AI devices to behave like humans in terms of how they think and feel and also allow automation of data analysis.  To put it more simply, the more information there is to process, the more data AI Devices are exposed to, the more it learns and ultimately the more accurate it becomes.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence is now capable of learning sans human support. Google’s DeepMind algorithm, for instance, recently taught itself how to win 49 Atari games.

The Future of AI and Big Data

Businesses in a big way are joining hands with top big data analytics companies to implement AI solutions for their organizations. This will help streamline their customer support system and make them speedier than ever before. Nevertheless, the only point they need to bear in mind is that customers should in a way be aware that they are dealing with machines and not humans and should accordingly customize requirements to the max.


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