How Can You Beat Your Competition On The SERPS

Whether you’re on the digital marketing team for a multimillion-dollar company, a niche blogger or a small business owner, having a high search engine ranking is a huge deal.

The reason why it’s a huge deal can be summed up in one word – visibility. This is paramount to online success because if people can’t find you online your brand or business will suffer.

Why Is A SERP High Ranking Important?

As we mentioned earlier, a good search engine ranking is imperative for digital marketing and can be a determining factor in the success or failure of your online presence. If your website isn’t visible on the first page of relevant keyword searches you run the risk of not getting any traffic from search engines. 

A high SERP ranking is an invaluable asset and it doesn’t just increase your online traffic. High SERP rankings also increase your brand authority. This is because a high ranking is automatically associated with being reputable and trustworthy.

And a positive image of your brand allows you to gain respectability in the eyes of potential customers and even your competitors

How SEO Improves Visibility

When aiming for a high SERP ranking a good SEO strategy is vital. Here’s why…

As we know, the main goal of any SEO strategy is positively affecting the online presence of a website through the use of targeted keywords and phrases. Incorporating these words/phrases into your website’s content helps search engines to crawl and correctly index the information on your website.

This means when someone uses a term that’s relevant to your content to search for something, your website will appear in their search results.

When done correctly, this will lead to an increase in website traffic and give you a high ranking on SERPS. A proper SEO strategy also makes your website user-friendly and improves your brand credibility. All these factors help to improve your online visibility.

Beating Out The Competition

There’s no precise secret recipe that will give you’re a guaranteed edge over your competitors in SERPS. The digital landscape is vast and there are bound to be hundreds of people offering similar content, products or services. But here are a few smart things you can do that will enable you to effectively compete and be a force to be reckoned with online.

  • Focus On Content

When creating content for your website there are some key points to focus on. Try to make sure your site offers something others don’t. You can do this by creating content that’s unique, informational and valuable to your readers. If your content is different, useful and engaging people will be encouraged to visit your website and you will have an advantage over your competitors.

  • Link Building

Link building is a great way to improve SERP rankings. A cool trcik is to always link new content to well-performing past content. This goes a long way to improve your search engine ranking. Another great way to build links is to enquire about guest posting on other popular blogs and websites in return for a link back to your website.

  • Optimize Content For Keywords

It’s easy to rank high for obscure keywords. But the point of SEO strategy is to rank high for keywords that are relevant. You can do this by incorporating these keywords in strategic places on your website such as your URL, title tag, headings, image captions and within your text.

  • Fix Mistakes

Errors on your website can have a negative effect on your search engine ranking. Use a webmaster tool to identify 404 errors, broken links, redirects, sitemap errors, etc and fix them as soon as possible. 

  • Create A Sitemap

A sitemap helps to ensure that all the pages on your website are indexed correctly by search engines. Creating a sitemap and submitting to search engines can improve your visibility

  • Be Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly website that’s easily accessible on smart devices will help to increase your website traffic and improve your visibility.

  • Social Media

Social media can be an awesome asset for low-effort link building. Share your best content on your social media platforms and ask your followers to spread the word. It’s a great way to get your links shared across lots of different domains and gives your content the chance of going viral.


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