How Do You Define Online Success?

“If you don’t have time to do it right then you must have time to do it over.” -Author Unknown

This is Mark from 45n5.com, and I’d like to thank Adnan for the opportunity to make a guest post at Blogtrepreneur, again 😉

Let’s take this opportunity to try a thread starter post and ask the question “How Do You Define Online Success?”

Not all of you can make the money that the gurus claim to make, so what is your definition of online success in the meantime?
When I started my adventures at making money online, I defined success as earning $50 dollars per day from the internet. I still haven’t achieved the goal yet, so does that make me a failure until I achieve it?

Personally I think I’m defining success wrong, and by doing so it’s probably slowed my journey, especially in my first 6 months.
It isn’t very motivating in your online journey waking up everyday and realizing you aren’t a “success” yet, and not even moving at decent pace towards becoming a success.


How would you recommend somebody starting today in their online money making journey to define success?

How Do You Define Online Success? Is your definition moving you forward or holding you back?

I still define my success or failure online by earning $50 dollars per day, so for me, and for the sake of all the newbie readers here, we look forward to you thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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