How HeatSync Solved a Problem I Didn’t Even Know About

HeatSync Review

I spend at least an hour every day logging in to various analytics sites to check on my blogs, social media stats, and a host of other dailies. After a year of self-consciously confirming that my Klout score hadn’t dropped, I now realize that I was willingly succumbing to a new form of internet superhighway hypnosis. We’ve all faced the login screen for analytics websites and experienced the slight tremor of excitement before we see the daily numbers, and now I’m proud to announce a better way.

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A little email from the folks over at HeatSync peaked my interest. Their front page claimed to gather all of the websites that I used to visit over my morning coffee in one convenient place, so I decided to sign up. The software is currently in-beta (and free until the final version is released) and all I had to do was enter my email and type www.blogtrepreneur.com into the dialogue box. The next screen broke down all of the information HeatSync was crawling and one more click brought me to the tool’s massive dashboard.

heatsync-featuresI sat there for a moment, mouth agape. Suddenly, the Saw music started playing in my head as the hours I’d spent opening tab after tab of numbers came flooding back. The solution was right here and I only wish I’d come across HeatSync sooner. Not only does it gather my Facebook, Twitter, and Google analytics demographic information — it’s all available on the front page. Soon after exploring the site a little more, I discovered that I was free to go deeper into the numbers than I’d ever wanted to before. The advantage to aggregated numbers is that the time saved only having to navigate to one website means I can spend the rest of my scheduled analysis delving deeper.

One of my personal criteria for helping my consulting clients come up with a good idea or tool is something I call ‘the ah-ha factor.’ That is to say, when you give the elevator pitch for your product the listener should be able to realize exactly what problem your idea solves. I’ve found a new example, I think. All of the information I need for this very specific daily task is now located in one simple website. All of the spread-out excitement I get from visiting SEOmoz, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, and Alexa is now located in one place. HeatSync is the answer to a question that should’ve been asked a long time ago and I’m glad it’s finally here.

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