How Many Comments Can I Get On This Post?

Lately I’ve been noticing a decline in the number of comments and commentators surfing around Blogtrepreneur. Maybe its been because the main people have been away on holiday, or maybe they’ve just moved away from my blog :(. Either way I thought it was time to get user interaction levels on the up once again.

Today I want to do a little experiment. How many comments can I get on this one single post? So far throughout my whole blogging history, my best performing article has been “5 Ways To Piss Off An Entrepreneur”. This netted me 12 comments and 13 trackbacks thanks to Problogger’s Group Writing Project.

But I want this to change. So if you’re just browsing, take a few seconds to leave a comment to let me know that you’ve dropped by – and spread the word so that I can get an extremely high number of comments on this one post alone! Thanks and let’s all share the success. Maybe we can break a new world record and enter into the Guinness Book!

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