How to boost traffic to your blog: Backlinks

Over the past few weeks, Blogtrepreneur has experienced a steep rise in the number of hits, and I owe this down to a few particular factors which I will share with you over the coming days in the build-up to Blogtrepreneur.com.
Everyone knows that by constant posting, you are likely to target a bigger audience and have more keywords in your site which will be searchable by all the top search engines. But there are other methods that can help to increase your site ranking and traffic.

From Day 1, I have exchanged links with any others who have liked my content or who were blogging on a similar topic. I happened to come across Nathan Waters’ Entrepreneurship site first on my visit to the blogging world. I emailed him in a plite email, and he responded by linking back to my site, which I reciprocated.

Now in order to gain the most successful backlink offers you must follow a strict ruling of behaviour or eticate:

  1. Say who you are…there is nothing worse than an anonymous blogger. First name terms will do, but don’t name yourself by the name of your site.
  2. Introduce yourself and what you do…provide information on how you started blogging, what successes that you have with your blog and any other relevant pieces of information that will help your receiver know a bit more about you.
  3. Explain how swapping links will help you both…Advise your receiver that by swapping links, your websites will gain a higher search engine ranking and will thus increase traffic to both your site. This is in fact true! Google in particular values the amount of inbound links you have pointing at your site. What’s more, Google also values the inbound link more from a site with higher credibility. So if you get a linkback from Google themselves, who have a pagerank of 10, you’re sorted!
  4. Don’t forget to include your site URL and Name…I’ve had some bloggers contact me about swapping links and then forgetting to put their URL or name of their site in the email. How is someone supposed to link to your site then!
  5. Be friendly and not pushy…everybody hates a pushy salesman and so if you try and force someone into swapping links, chances are they’re not going to. So keep your email short, full of sweet and kind words and informative.

For me, backlinks have definitely helped the SEO (search engine optimization of my site). It’s a roll-on effect, someone links to you, you get a higher ranking, you get more traffic as a result of this ranking, Google places you even higher due to your credibility and status. All there is to it is a friendly email outlining your aims and blogging URL.

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