How to boost traffic to your blog: Commenting

To continue with my mini-series on how to boost traffic to your blog, in the build up to the launch of Blogtrepreneur.com, I will talk about how commenting is really important to create a sense of personality to your blog.

I often get people commenting on a good article, or on a point that I have made, and I endeavour to respond to these comments. By simply thanking the reader for reading your blog, and by trying to make a conversation within one of your posts, you will be bound to receive retuning visitors and more interest in your discussions.

I also wanted to make certain that by having comments enabled on your blog, does not mean that you will gain a higher search engine rank. Many comment features on platforms such as Blogger make sure that comments do not contribute to a site or commenter’s SEO…so don’t Comment Spam, it doesn’t help!
What does help is if you write constructive comments to a person’s article. This is to say that if you enjoyed reading the post, make sure you thank the writer and urge him to continue to write great posts.
Do not put a link to your site in the body of the comments section, unless you have written a similar article on your site, that will help other readers browsing through the comments section.

By commenting, your readers know that you are involved in your blog’s welfare, and that you are taking an active stance in trying to increase the traffic. Blogger’s who disable comments on their blog, also disable their ability to connect with other writers who share similar interests.

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