Killer Techniques on How to Get Your Blog Noticed

There are many blogs in the current online arena and tens of thousands of blogs are created everyday. The worst that can happen is you have great quality content after using so much time to research and write, but no one knows about it and it’s left there to collect dust.

How to get your blog noticed

So how to get your blog noticed with so many blogs trying to snatch attention away from your readers?

It is often a misconception that blogging needs a lot of self-promotion to make that blog a success. While there’s some truth in it, it is a mindset that needs to be changed or you will be heading towards self-destruction.

When you blog, the objective should be offering something valuable to your audience or helping your followers to solve a particular problem. When you are able to do them well, you will automatically achieve an expert status that everyone will look up to and drive tons of quality traffic in the process.

How to Get People to Read Your Blog

There are more than enough methods to attract attention from readers and take your site to the next level. Some of the more popular ones are offering solutions in forums, providing valuable insights on other blogs, getting interviewed by bloggers etc. What you need is something proven and effective.

In this post we will be teaching you 2 killer techniques on how to make your blog popular and get your audience keep wanting for more. They work well and are not difficult to implement if you put in some time and efforts to do it.

Killer Technique #1: Guest Blogging Strategy

This is a super-hot method right now in the online marketing world but the purpose of it seems to be shifted towards link building nowadays. Since Google algorithm penalizes those websites that did unnatural (black hat) link building over recent years, many businesses are shifting towards natural (white hat) link building and guest posting is one of them.

However if the main objective is to put your blog in front of the eyes of huge community, then you would want to gain exposure and position yourself as an expert or authoritative figure in your industry.

How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Others

First you need to find opportunities for guest blogging. Not finding websites randomly but look for those that are related to your niche and audience who will be interested in your materials. Here are some operators you can use to find them in Google. Just replace the keyword with the ones related to your niche.

  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “write for us”
  • keyword “become a contributor”
  • keyword “become an author”

For a start you may want to start with 100 sites. Not all of them will be willing to accept your guest post if it is not a totally fit or if their posting schedule has been fully booked.

Getting Ready to Pitch

After you found and shortlisted them, you will need to pitch your guest post to them. Don’t think it’s a simple feat. It’s not that straightforward. You will need to get some ideas on what kind of posts are working well and getting shared umpteen times on social media.

One of the tools that can help you with this is Buzzsumo. It’s a search tool used to track popular content based on their number of shares in social networking sites.

  • Once you got the sites and content ready, it’s time to pitch to the blog owner. Get yourself familiar with the blogger first by commenting on his blog posts for a couple of weeks. Share his blog posts by tweeting in Twitter with the blog owner’s @username so he will be aware that you appreciate his work.
  • Always personalize your email, get to know the blog owner better in their ‘About’ page. Start the email by introducing yourself and why you want to do a guest post on his site. Increase your chance of success by including links to your previous guest posts (on other blogs) so he can know the quality of your work. Pitch to the owner a couple of different ideas so he can choose the one that best fits his audience.
  • Make an effort to go through the existing posts on the owner’s blog to understand the format, quotes, videos, images etc so your guest post can be similar. Remember that the purpose of this guest post shouldn’t be about you. You should focus on providing valuable information and try to position yourself as a veteran in the area.

How to Get More Blog Followers from Guest Bio

Here is the most important part. You have researched and written a great content and guest posted it. Now you need the audience to acknowledge your work and recognize who you are.

The Guest Bio is where you can do the self-promotion part by providing a link to your blog, service, eBook, products etc. Depending on the subject of your guest post, you might want to lead the audience back to a product page on your site where it relates to the content.

If your main objective is to build up your fan-base or get more blog followers, then most probably you would want to direct the audience to a lead capture page. Although not 100% of the audience will start to follow your blog, this will ensure that you capture a portion of the followers and continue building relationship with them.

Imagine doing this for 10 guest posts. You will get more blog followers and readership while building your brand with this technique.

Killer Technique #2: Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to become an influencer

So what is an influencer? He or she must have the ability to influence an audience, by changing their mindset, behaviours and even impacting their purchasing decisions.

An influencer makes the most impact by utilizing the social media channels as they are always very active in it. Many of them are brand ambassadors and they recommend products and services for businesses and organizations.

So how does an influencer help to get your blog noticed and get more followers?

Well most influencers have nearly hundreds of thousands of followers in social media for example, Twitter and Instagram. They could be the source of income generator or the source of destruction. How? Their recommendations will lead to spike in business while criticisms can turn your business upside down. And yes, their opinions spread like wild fire. You definitely do not want to land on the latter.

Where to Look For Influencers

Social media are the best channels to search for influencers. Audience follow them as they are able to give great insights about a product/service/company. Since they are ‘loud’ in opinions, you will notice them if they mention about your competitor brand.

  1. Identifying bloggers. Influential bloggers have huge following in social media. Search for them by your industry or niche. Read about what they blog about and see if it’s a fit for your own brand
  2. .Start building a relationship with influencers and take your blog to the next level by following their materials, sharing it with your audience and linking it from your blog posts. Think of this as building a long-term business partnership, earning credibility and trust. A tool to do this and helps to reduce efforts is Buzz Stream.
  3.  After you have built a good relationship with influencers and they agree to give good opinions on your brand, you will want to make sure they are compensated. It can be offering your products/services at a discount no others are getting, promoting them to your audience or can be a financial compensation.
  4. Always maintain a good rapport with them because not only will they be able to bring short term benefits but will also be able to help you open doors of opportunities that you never think it’s possible.

Hopefully the two techniques that I shared above can help you bring the level of your blog to the next level. Simply put, if you take massive actions, you will see results not only faster but almost instantly.


Daniel Su