How to Make an AdWords Friendly Squeeze Page

Google-adwords-logo“Sign up now to get your FREE money making success kit!”

You’ll see less and less of these headlines on squeeze pages which attempt to gather emails through hype-like offers. Gone are the days of content-less squeeze pages, whose only options upon entering the landing page are the “sign up” and back button. If you are still looking to generate leads through a squeeze page, you can do so without getting slapped by Google, according to Ryan Deiss, provided you follow these guidelines…

Have an actual website

Place the opt-in form at the top of your website and have content, in the form of articles and pictures, below. Have links and a navigation tool bar, which links to pages such as “About Us”, “Services”, and “Testimonials”. Although all of this “superfluous” content will get lower conversion rates than without any content, keep in mind that this is the only way to play the AdWords game.

Have a Logo

A logo, at the top of the page, tells Google that you are a real business, with something of real value to offer to site visitors, especially those that leave you with their email address.

Essential Links

Your squeeze page has to have a link to your privacy policy, terms of service (TOS), and contact us page, which lists your address, email, and phone number.

Avoid Hype

Money, cash, free, amazing, and limited time. Google frowns upon landing pages which use sensationalistic sounding phrases. Although ignoring hype like words ignores the basics of copywriting 101, it is the only way to have a squeeze page on AdWords.

Opt-In Form on Bottom

Google likes it when you have an opt-in form not only at the top, but at the bottom of your page as well.

If you want to engage in opt-in marketing with squeeze pages, your conversion rates may very well be lower because you are forced to have your opt-in form on an actual website. Keep in mind, however, that Google will reward you for following its rules with a high quality score, which corresponds to lower clicks. Furthermore, because Google requires people to have an actual website, many sleazy internet marketers will give up on PPC, decreasing your competition and lowering your CPC even more.

Rather than focusing on a scammy looking squeeze page, focus on providing long term value by building an informative website for visitors. Also, just because you follow Google’s squeeze page rules, does not mean that your opt-in form will convert. You still have to experiment with different squeeze pages in order to get a healthy return on your AdWords dollars. Many internet marketers claim that video and testimonials help increase conversion rates. You can increase your ROI by addressing the opt-in visitor by name on the follow up thank you page and directing them to relevant articles and/or videos. Most importantly, make sure that your visitors are getting what they were promised when they clicked on your ad.

Nickolay Lamm is an internet marketing specialist at InventHelp who manages InventHelp Scam Help.


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