How to use the web for a job search

When it comes to finding work in the modern world, you have more options than ever before. In the past, we simply had a few means of local searching. You would have local advertisements, word of mouth advertising, recommendations from friends/colleagues, and usually radio and newspaper broadcasts. However, today we have far many more options in front of us – why? The internet!

The web has transformed, and that is no exaggeration, the way in which we use the web for job searching. The web has created a highly competitive marketplace for attracting talent and have had to work very closely with their SEO Agency to get you to their website. Not only is it absolutely essential for making sure you can find jobs in the right way, but it helps to broaden how we find work. How, though, can you use the web for a job search?

Start with social media

So, the main thing that we recommend you do today is that you use social media first and foremost. Searching for local companies, as well as local acquaintances, on social media can lead you to spot opportunities that might not be advertised elsewhere. A lot of companies will ask internally first, so you never know what kind of work you could find purely through looking on social media first!

Another important part of this process, though, is making sure that you use LinkedIn. Seen as the ‘Facebook for business’, it’s the perfect place to find work where you normally would not locate it. LinkedIn is great for making contacts, building networks, and eventually earning yourself a proper opportunity somewhere

Then, move on to job search sites

Another big part of the process, though, is the numerous recruitment and job search sites. Companies like Monster, for example, make it easy for you to look around for jobs that you might not have noticed elsewhere. It’s a good place to start when you are looking to find a job quickly and easily. However, you will be under far more scrutiny and competition when it comes to finding working this way, so just keep that in mind. Job sites are normally well organized to make your job search easy and relevant. For example, if you’re looking for a developer role you could use a search such as developer careers on jooble.

You will also need to come up with a convincing CV & cover letter to help advertise you in the right way. If you do that right, though, you will absolutely benefit from it. just be sure to look at job search sites as soon as you have exhausted the options on social media.

What about classified ads?

If you are someone who works for themselves or is not necessarily looking for a career, but freelance work, then use classified ads websites. They are downright perfect for finding out the kind of information that you need. Many people will post up their needs and the jobs they have a requirement to be handled online, so you should definitely take a look at this. Classifieds are still a very effective Marketing tactic today.

When you want to find work, the web does make it a bit easier to look around. So long as you use all three of the major sources of information above, though, you should definitely find it easier to locate ads that make sense. Finding a job may just have become much easier!


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