How You Can Find That One Big Idea

ThinkingEveryone on the net is searching for that big idea, that one thought or brainwave that will transform their internet lives into being small and unknown to being an A-list celebrity (or bloglebrity) and mega-rich (having sold your site to Google of course).

But it’s easier said than done. With the multitude of blogs and websites out there, each and every niche is becoming saturated and full to the brim with the same clones of the original. First it was the pixel sites which tried to claw on the back of Alex Tew, then Digg clones and now Youtube clones – no-one these days seems to be taking the time to create that one big site that will dominate all.

Having just broken up for the summer holidays (or vacation for the Americans out there), I felt that I needed to get that one massive idea that would springboard me from being an average Joe blogger. These are the methods I used in attempting such a feat:

1. What have you achieved so far? This is probably the first step in determining your future goals. Remind yourself of your own timeline on the net so you can see how many sites you’ve run and are constantly running, how much money you’ve made, what lessons you’ve learnt along the way, which contacts you can use as leverage. Then look to try and build upon that success.

2. Stick to your comfort zone.
For me there are a few topics that I know like that back of my hand, one of which is the art of blogging myself. If someone told me to write an ebook a la Yaro Starak, I reckon I’d be able to whip one up with no problems. Therefore, base your idea for your big project around a niche that you know well, but find a new take on it.

3. Research, research, research. Take a lot of time out to know who and what you’re up against in your niche (if you’re playing in an existent market). Keyword research can be important – checkout my review of Wordze – but for a bigger site, branding and marketing will be the lifeblood of your traffic – so make sure that your big idea has a brandable edge to it that could separate it from the crowd.

4. Plan to the final detail. Whilst planning can be strenuous and time consuming, it’s important that you plan your imminent success right to the last detail, to make sure that you won’t have any nasty surprises ahead. Things like logo design, hosting and domain costs, what articles are going to need to be written, SEO and so on and so forth.

So these are just a few pointers that have helped me come up with a bigger idea for this summer, and one which will hopefully thrust me into the limelight in the blogosphere. Obviously I’ll keep you guys in the loop, and I hope some of you will get involved in my project.

To conclude, a knowledge sharing session. How do you come up with that big idea? Any methods, techniques or details that you can share with us?

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