Making the most of your Entrepreneurial talent

Well this is officially my first post on Blogtrepreneur.com, and I would like to take the opportunity to focus on the real benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Recently, I have seen many people claiming to teach entrepreneurship. Although I agree that the skills involved in being an entrepreneur can be taught, manipulated and improved, I would have to say that the drive and motivation possessed by many budding young entrepreneurs today cannot be taught. I, for example, never had a money-motivated background or family, in fact, I took many of my life luxuries for granted.

However, I always had a passion for making a lot out of nothing. Whilst becoming the next best eBay mastermind can help you get to a position of strength, there are sill a lot more qualities that many entrepreneurs possess. One of these is the ability to strive for success. Giving up is simply not a term in the dictionary of an entrepreneur.

According to Wikipedia, “Business entrepreneurs often have strong beliefs about a market opportunity and are willing to accept a high level of personal, professional, or financial risk to pursue that opportunity.” This in itself is proof of the pudding that entrepreneurship cannot be inherited, as the decisions that such a person makes are based truly upon instinct and character.

Whilst an entrepreneur may possess this remarkable trait, it seems to me that today, this attribute is not being used enough. I read that this year the UK alone had the highest number of business closures. What does this mean?

This fact simply states that our British businesses are taking the easy option out of a difficult situation. Many simply choose to back-out of a seemingly dead-end situation.

Although these people may have reasonable excuses, without trying to sound too spiritual (!), they have been given a talent which has not been used to the full extent. My advice is that if you are in a difficult situation, or find that you are facing a “brick wall”, take a moment to reflect upon what your goals are for the specific project and what you hope to achieve by pursuing this idea.

This step has definitely helped me to keep on track as the next big entrepreneur, and a step which has enabled me to be writing for you today as the Blogtrepreneur. So once again, welcome to my site, feel free to look around and contact me, and always make use of the talent you have been given to build up your entrepreneurial empire!

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