Meet Naina Singla: The Mom Mogul Who Chose Passion Over Pay And Found Style’n Success

Naina Singla, Entrepreneur, Fashion Stylist, On-Air Expert And Editor of STYLE'

Naina Singla, Entrepreneur, Fashion Stylist, On-Air Style Expert And Editor of STYLE’

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t part of the original plan for Naina Singla, yet like so many great journeys, an unexpected twist in life led her to become an entrepreneur, fashion stylist and the editor of

I was able to sit down recently and talk with Naina about the transition into entrepreneurship and her business, STYLE’N and her successes since making the transition to Fashion Stylist two years ago.

I wanted to know how Naina got started as an entrepreneur and like many, it turns out her entrepreneurial beginnings stemmed from a very successful corporate career.

Naina spent over twelve years in the medical field, earning a Doctorate of Pharmacy and achieving the status and salary of an executive in the biotechnology industry in Boston. While she loved her job she knew that it was also making big demands on her time. When she became a mother six years ago she was starting to feel that struggle of balancing time constraints between her career and her family. So when her husband’s job moved the family to Washington D.C., she decided to seize the opportunity and make the transition of a lifetime — leaping into entrepreneurialism.

Knowing she had a knack for aesthetics and constantly hearing from colleagues and friends she had an eye for style, Naina had already started a fashion and lifestyle blog years before the leap. However that platform allowed for an organic transition as her trusted blog transformed into a business, STYLE’N, that already had established, loyal fans.


While the fan base was in place, Naina said a huge part of actually making the leap into this new business was doing really great research and educating herself about her new market. She cautions other would-be entrepreneurs to do the same saying, “you have to know your niche.” You can’t jump into business without understand the market that you’re entering into: what’s working, what you could do better and what demands are within that market. She also explains the value of prioritizing for success, “you need to be organized and set good boundaries. Be selective in what you choose to do and focus your time on. Always ask yourself, is this best for your brand?”

Naina also wanted to make sure that as part of growing her successful business, she focused on what makes a successful life, not just a successful career. She explains that getting the right team in place can free up a tremendous amount of time so you can work on your business and not just be working at your business. That means the help you need to get your business going and growing and the mentorship you need to thrive.

“Outsourcing is a huge help for achieving a balanced work and personal life,” she says, “it’s also important to seek the help you need from the right mentors and coaches.”

Seeking out the right support team would be part of her advice to others wanting to be successful in entrepreneurial life. Through family and professional networks, that support will get you through. Naina also advocates valuing challenges and growth.

“It’s about progression, not perfection,” she says, “seek out the opportunities that make you uncomfortable. That’s where the growth is.”