Misspell search for eBay

Every one wants to find a real bargain on eBay. But sometimes with the amount of competition from other buyers on the net, getting a good price just isn’t possible.

However, while I was surfing the other day, I discovered that many people when listing their mp3 player for example, spell the title of it wrong (either by accident or because they don’t know). So for example they might list the auction as “Ipood 4gb blak mp3 playar“. As a result when people search for a black ipod player, their item won’t show up and voila, no bids.

That’s where the Misspell tool at www.misspellsearch.com comes into handy. You type in the correct spelling of Ipod, and it comes out with loads of other alternatives that people may have used in their listing. And because only a few people know about this tool, you could be getting items of eBay for a really good price.