The 10 Most Important Blogging Skills in 2016

Blogging is a serious profession that requires a certain skillset to be successful. You can either run your own site, or help manage someone else’s, using the same basic principles.

Writing for a living is no joke. It can cause many bad habits such as poor eating, lack of sleep and too much drinking (way too much drinking). However, if you stick to a regimen and follow some basic fundamentals, you will find yourself on the right path.

Your professionalism is essential as it reflects on who you are as a person to clients and viewers. Blogging requires you to have certain skills to get your job done easily and smartly.

To understand how to obtain more disciplined writing habits, and become a better blogger, we have listed 10 of the most important skills you should adopt.

The 10 Most Important Blogging Skills in 2016

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Creative Writing Talent

You have to be a good writer that creates compelling content. Otherwise, no one will take you seriously.

Good Ear for Detail

Bloggers need to have the skill of listening. Following directions is an essential ingredient to writing an awesome article.

Exceptional Researching Abilities

Researching is a large part of blogging. Knowing a subject inside out makes you a creditable source.

Familiarity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the formula that large search engines like Google use to rank your content. It is vital to all blogging.

Cultivate Relationships

Focusing on relationships allows you to connect with other bloggers and to interact with readers on a daily basis.

Photo Editing Skills

The ability to edit and customize photos to help bring your articles to life is a much-needed skill that all bloggers should have.

Social Networking Knowledge

Is the fastest, quickest way to get out new content to a mass audience. Knowing how to use major social platforms like Twitter and Facebook is huge.

Time Management Skills

Meeting deadlines for articles to be published on time is important. It shows readers how organized and consistent you are.

Branding and Marketing Genius

Bloggers should be good at branding and marketing their content by way of advertising. This pulls in new readership.

Develop Alligator Skin

As a blogger, you need to be open to all feedback. Not everything you read about your work will be positive. Learn how to take the good and the bad.


Mike Davidson

Mike Davidson has been in the real estate business since early 2000s. Presently, he works as a real estate coach helping agents and brokerages achieve their goals whilst teaching them a panoply of new technologies, office and team management and how to cope with their job pressure.