Motive Interactive – Advent 2.0 Review

We all know there are ways to profit from the tedious updates and maintenance of your blogs and sites. We’re always searching for the ultimate way to make money online. You’ve probably looked at several affiliate networks that seem appeasing yet too good to be true because you haven’t received that check and it’s been months. Well, there is a (sort of) new affiliate program in cyberspace that will blow the others away.

So what’s the affiliate network I speak about? For aspiring and current web publishers, you will find the Motive Interactive Advent 2.0 user-friendly platform a breath of fresh air. This affiliate network makes it a breeze at picking the top performing offers. With their variety of features, receiving higher payouts is easier than flying a kite, and this sponsored review should give you all the information about this network.

Tell me more: About Motive Interactive

The Motive Network – powered by Advent 2.0 has come a long way since being launched in 2006 by a gentleman named Brendan Smith. The founder has most definitely created technology we can all learn and trust.

The new platform is much easier to use than any other system on the market. The Motive Network ties in the best of both worlds, allowing publishers to earn an income and advertisers to create leads. Advent provides many features that most networks do not offer. As time progresses, so does technology, “Advent is built on a model that is highly scalable and adaptable to future enhancements as the industry changes.” Advent has the right mindset and I’m pleased to discuss the awesome features and benefits that have me and others raving.

Bells and Whistles: Tools & Features

Once you have created your account, you are ready to dig in and enjoy all the wonderful features. The sleek user interface makes this an enjoyable experience to enable you to receive great revenue returns.

When you login, you will find a nice clean, streamlined user interface – I could look at this bad boy all day. The homepage displays the various features on the left hand side. This site makes it easy to make money when checking out the offer tab section. There you can find all the current and hot offers. By using the offer tool you can identify the campaigns you would like to promote on your website. They have all the bells and whistles giving you an awesome experience in being able to filter the offer types by your criteria.

I especially like being able to instantly view the pricing model and expanded options of the distribution type. They most certainly offer tons of information in a very simple yet detailed format. I was pleased to see the system notice section so you will be notified of all immediate changes to your campaigns such as an increase in an offer payment.

In the middle of all this beauty is the dashboard. There you can easily watch all your campaigns and a graph of your current revenue. Also, the campaign analytics link to the individual campaign reports that could be selected or removed at any time. You definitely have to check this out.

Fool Proof: It Gets Better

These guys are really publisher focused. They practically hand us the cash. They supply great offers and not to mention cutting edge technology. If we need it, they got it. So once you select your campaign and are approved, it’s time to let the merging begin.

Your blog or site is like your home, you have to keep it nice and neat. Well, Advent 2.0 includes the ultimate must-have feature with no technical difficulties to decorate your site with ads in no time. In the offers tab section, you can find multiple ways to easily add the approved campaigns to your casa. The have a great selection of creative formats you have to see to believe.

The Nitty Gritty: Reporting Section

I’m telling you, they make this too easy. The Motive Network also has a reporting section with real time statistics to allow you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. The reports are exportable and you can customize options such as the time periods, data points, and even the file format. It’s like they work for us, helping us find, track and implement our campaigns.

Who would have known there was actually an affiliate network that works for you? Along with all the wonderful tools and features, on the top right corner of every page you will have access to your account manager by live instant messenger. You don’t have to wait days for your question to be answered in an email! The one-on-one support from the Affiliate Manager is truly an unparalleled industry experience.

The Kicker: Referral & Rewards Program

Most affiliate networks, such as Market Leverage, offer a 5% referral commission. The Motive Network offers a 5.5% payback for all of your referrals, for life. The reward system is just as great because unlike the monthly promotions, they use their reward system year-round. Dedication and commitment isn’t so bad after all. The reward system starts at 1% of earning, then moves up to 2% in the second tier. Check out the reward structure below:

Commissions – Rewards:

$1,000 – $10
$2,500 – $25
$5,000 – $50
$10,000 – $100
$15,000 – $150
$20,000 – $200
$25,000 – $250
$30,000 – $300
$50,000 – $500
$100,000 – $1,250
$150,000 – $2,000
$200,000 – $3,000
$500,000 – $10,000
$1,000,000 – $20,000
$1,250,000 – $25,000

Oh yeah, you can also get paid through Paypal. How cool is that?! Who’s with me in trying to hit that 25K reward?