My First Golf Forum Launched – ChipandChat.com!

Chip and ChatAbout a week ago, I went over to the YE.com Forums to see what new topics had been written and to see if I could contribute to what anyone was saying. I stumbled upon a post written by a teenager called Fraz asking whether there were any decent golf forums around.

The idea of starting a golf forum has always been something I have toyed with, ever since I bought the domain name www.GolfChum.com. I have had numerous ideas for it including a golf blog network and the forum, but I decided to finally make the program as it was something I hadn’t done before, and so it seemed cool and original.

Anyway, I responded to Fraz and told him that there were popular golf forums on the net, but most of which were poorly designed or lacked regular posting.

To my pleasure, another boy called James replied and said he too wanted to start a golf forum, and as a web designer, he was the missing piece in the puzzle! We all got together on MSN (which in my opinion is one of the most important business tools I have on my computer), and discussed domains and plans for the project.

ChipandChat.com was born!

Fraz and I then left James to get on with the designing. Within a few days he had done it and I was superimpressed! You can check out the amazing skin for phpBB at www.chipandchat.com. After a bit more further coding the forum was complete and all three of us gave our first introductory posts. All we have to do now is get the forum up and running.

This can be a tricky procedure. If there are too few posts then people will be less inclined to join and register up, as there will be no threads to participate in. Generally speaking (and most forum managers know this), the more posts there are, the more members you will get. I know its a Catch 22 situation, but dedication and commitment are what’s required at the start of any website.

What are the goals of the forum? In time I hope to build up a large database of golfers, and it will be this which will help get GolfChum of the ground especially as we roll out new versions. Also, I just love golf (I played golf today in fact), and therefore want to use my entrepreneurial skills to fuel this passion and create something that I’ll be proud of in a few years time.

If you’re a fan of golf, a keen golfer, a lazy golfer, a wannabe golfer or just like to chat in a community then ChipandChat.com is for you! Register now and become part of the golfing family!

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