My not-so-difficult quest for a webhost

So today was the day that I was scheduled to buy my hosting for blogtrepreneur.com. I imagine that many people just search around for the cheapest and most well known webhost, but I wanted to share with you the reasons why I didn’t need to go running around.

For a long time now, I have been using www.frozenwebhost.com for all my hosting needs. Every entrepreneur will eventually need a website, and it is only natural that they want to find the cheapest so as to save money and increase profit. It’s a known fact.
However, for me, customer service is the main thing. As a techie dumbass (!), I need all the support I can get. Some hosting companies offer 24/7 email support, but often this can get laggy and very delayed.

With Frozen Webhost however, the owner Steve prides himself on being on MSN for a great deal of the day. He is very polite (again this is very important for building a relationship with the customer – a very good tactic for business) and he always has an answer for everything.
And even I do look at the price tag…with Steve, this tag is very very reasonable at only $5/month. What else does a budding entrepreneur need?
So a quick update, Matt should be starting on transferring the WordPress files to my host, and it looks good for a very nearby release of Blogtrepreneur! Watch out, here I come!

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