New Text Link Ads Layout

I really like the new Text Link Ads layout for publishers and advertisers who login to their accounts. Its very cool, sleek and Web 2.0 (that’s the jargon thats used today!). The actual definition of Web 2.0 is, “a supposed second generation of internet based services available on the internet that let people collaborate and share information online in a new way.

Anyway to quote from the TLA Link Building Blog:

“We have made some big design/usability tweaks to your “my account” area today. As always, Chris did a killer job. I think you will find it a lot easier to navigate around and manage your account with ease. As always, if there is anything else we can improve to make your life easier, let me know.”

I love their ethic and its one of the reason why I’ll stick around and wait until my site has become indexed properly on Google (and when it’s come out of the sandbox) to be a proper TLA Publisher.