Pay Per Post on Forums

I wanted to start a mini-series on the different types of ways you as a blogtrepreneur can make money on the internet in less conventional ways. We all know that Google Adsense can pay you a few $$’s per day if you have great content and a whole load of visitors, but there are other ways you can put your internet skills to the test and to earn money.

TypingThe first of these ways is getting Paid to Post in forums. Now Im touching on this topic mainly because I’ve started my own forum over at ChipandChat.com, and thus am looking for ways to increase the amount of posts and members on my site. With foruming (verb: to manage forums), the more posts you have and the more active members you have, the more likely you are to get more people signing up through your registration. Unfortunately it is a Catch 22 situation, but you have to start off somewhere.

Most Pay-per-Post sites offer to hook you up with experienced writers for a low price. As the name suggests, you pay them a small fee for every post they do. At the moment the going rate is around $0.10 to $0.15 per post on your forum. However, you may write more posts and thus will be able to earn more money.

Recently, I’ve been involved in the Pay-per-Post frenzy in foruming. A new site made by my entrepreneur friend Andreas Bard is up called Forum-Pal. If you are a forum master and want more posts on your site then you can pay in advance for different packages. One such package features:

    3 new members (writers)
    15 new threads
    30 new posts
    Min. 25 words per post
    Quality and educated content

This package only costs $9 which I think is very competitive compared to other writers who charge per forum thread.

I have also been involved in writing on other forums. Although the pay isn’t amazing, once you have a few jobs lined up, each paying per article it all adds up. You may have to research as a professional and learn more about the forum niche and topic, but once you have some good information then the sky is the limit. The key here to be a writer, is to provide quality rather than quantity. Forum masters love it when some fun and lively threads are started, which at the same time are packed full of information.

On a final “shameless self pluggin” note, which I will be repeating throughout this mini-series, I am available to write in your forum, so please get in touch! My next post will be on Pay-per-Articles for Bloggers, so stay tuned!

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