Performancing Firefox 1.3

I check my stats about twice per day. Since the beginning of March when my internet presence was started, I have added 5 sites to be analysed, including Blogtrepreneur, ChipandChat and the now famous GolfChum. Whilst I was browsing through my Performancing Metrics, I realised that they had just released a new version of Performancing for Firefox 1.3 – The Addons and Themes API. To quote from the site,

“The release of Performancing Firefox 1.3 brings a whole new dimension to the free open source blog editor. By making PFF extensible via the Themes and Addons API’s, and opening up the source code via subversion, we’re putting the blogosphere’s favorite editor where it belongs, in the hands of it’s users.”

So Im sitting here now, using my favourite internet browser (Mozilla), and able to write to my blog with the click of an icon or by pressing F8. This means when I come across a news article which I think my readers will appreciate it will be even easier to post to my blog – without the need to constantly log in and out of my WordPress account. Well done to the guys at Performancing!

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