The Perks of Using Instagram for Business

Instagram is a social networking app which is similar to popular desktop mediums like Facebook and Twitter. The app has a newsfeed of its won and every user gets their personal account with required privacy settings. This app lays its emphasis on image-based content rather than the regular content. The images can be filtered and enhanced with Instagram’s inbuilt filter features. This makes it extremely popular among the user base as they keep experimenting with pictures. Your images can be seen by those who are ‘following’ you on Instagram. Similarly, you will only see posts from those who you choose to follow on the app. This makes it niche and private, unlike Facebook.

Instagram know how and paid features

Instagram enables you to like, comment, tag and also direct message or private message peers on the app. It is strictly mobile and cannot be used on a desktop. With changing paradigms in consumer behavior, businesses and organizations are shifting to Instagram to promote and connect with their target audiences. The direct linking options which redirect your consumers to the e-commerce website. For businesses and brands, it is difficult to get followers initially and there is a low chance of the people you are following to follow back. Companies are coming up which give you the chance to buy followers and evoke word of mouth. This means that that the number of followers you have eventually become your brand ambassadors and recommend your products to their peers and family. It is important to have rich images and good content picks for your page to keep up the word of mouth play. Consumers are fussy and choosy and do not like repetitions or weak content. Apart from increasing your followers, you can also pay for comments and reposts on your posts and pictures.

Instagram effect on consumer behavior

In the current market, Instagram has become one of the most popular and influential networks. Research and real-timeline data tracking have shown that Instagram tends to generate more sales than the traditional forms of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Apart from friends, family, and peers, Instagram has joined the league to serve the role of an influencer. The millennial category is the most responsive sect in the Instagram network and usually, comprise of 68 percent of the total network. The age group usually varies from 18 - 25 and out of the 68 percent, 54 percent of the people purchase products they see on Instagram. This acts as a catalyst for brands to develop thought provoking creatives and uses smart hashtags to connect better.

Instagram and Facebook connect

Most brands prefer creating a tie-up between Facebook and Instagram and provide a joint traction while seeking paid and well-targeted reach. This means that if you are running an ad on Facebook the same will be reflected on your Instagram page. This will bring in greater awareness and brand engagement. This will give your brand a wider reach than the fixed set of followers you have in your account. You can always negotiate with the third party vendors to buy followers and ask them for a package or a deal for better positioning and engagement.



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