Poll: How much SPAM do you receive?

As a result of a few comments in my previous post about the amount of Spamming emails people receive as a result of their website or blog, I figured that I should start a poll to see how much SPAM people actually receive. This is my first poll, and it was made extremely easy thanks to the Democracy plugin that I found for WordPress.
All I had to do was a tiny bit of Sidebar editing and edit the poll options and it was done. Simple!

Aims of the poll?
My aim of this poll is to see the extent of how spam has taken over the internet. I want to have qualitative data to see whether spammers are actually becoming more and more of a nuisance. I will place the first vote, which is in the “0-10” category, because at the moment (fortunately) this site has not been indexed in Google. I am expecting more SPAM in the future though.

I will be posting the results of the poll in one week’s time, so please voice your opinion so that we can come to some sort of formal conclusion.

UPDATE: Once you have placed your poll you will be taken to a blank page, so please refresh the Blogtrepreneur home page! Sorry about the inconvenience

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