Poll Results: More Traffic DOES Equal More Adsense

AdsensevsTrafficSo here we are. I’ve added a little more time to this current poll to make sure that I had roughly the same number of voters as with the “How Much Do You Make With Adsense” poll. So the results are in – and I think they have produced some very conclusive results.

As you can see from the graoh above – although I was unable to label the axes due to the different sets of data: as the amount of uniques you have to your site increases so too does your adsense money earnt. Im really pleased with the way this has turned out. I’ve seen many sites that say you can make a lot of money with niche sites and with only 50 to 60 uniques per day. While this may indeed be true due to the high bid-value of each click, I can still concur that as the amount of traffic increases you can earn a lot more money, compared to small trafficked niche sites.

You may think that these results are obvious, yet at the same time, I can also see on the graph that the Adsense earnings line has a shallower gradient than the Traffic line. This could indicate unfortunately for Adsense publishers that even if you’re at the top of the paying spectrum, that further increases in traffic won’t affect your results as much as you’re hoping. But I think its safe to say that with only 19% of the voters having 1000 or more uniques, this won’t be such a big problem.

In my new poll, I wanted to experiment a bit more with you as the user giving your own input. Now this may turn into a complete spam-fest but I’m willing to give it a shot. Im asking you, as the owner of the website, “What Program or Affiliate Brings you the Highest Revenue from your Website?“. I will add the obvious ones such as Adsense and YPN but there may be other money-makers that I simply am not aware of, and I would like you to fill in this information for me. Try to put capital letters at the beginning of words to make the Poll look nice! And no Spam please!