Preparing For Christmas

So Christmas is fast approaching. By my calculations I make it exactly 1 month to this day! The festivites have already begun around me on the net and in my everyday life. This weekend Im helping my mum at 2 Christmas Parties at local schools. My Mum is a jewellery saleswoman and is a bit of an import/retail pro – so Im learning the ropes of business through her. It also gives me a chance to try out sales techniques and to earn a bit of cash on the side!

On the WorldWideWeb, Darren Rowse has been writing a great series of articles on How To Fine Tune Your Blog For Christmas. These have been really helpful as this is Blogtrepreneur’s first Christmas – Im pretty excited about the whole thing.

One issue which I had to address was my mounting Blogroll. So I took some time out to go through each link and see what my colleagues were up to. To my disappointment, I found many blogs bare – some were not working at all, whilst others obviously hadn’t been updated in months. So with great sadness I finally removed some links from my sidebar. While Im appreciative of the other blogs linking to me, I want to offer my readers some high quality links where they can get good information on Entrepreneurship.

In total I was forced to remove 9 blogs from the left sidebar, however I have still kept some blogs from my first link exchanges on the net – just to remind me of the people who helped me to be where I am today. Im still grateful to everyone who has supported this blog by continually reading and commenting. So thanks!

Lately I’ve also been having to make difficult decisions. At school, my Young Enterprise company is just receiving its first order so this means that we should be up and running with proper products in a few days. This has meant however, lots of time thinking about the idea, trying to sell to individuals and updating spreadsheets and the like. Very tiring work! Also, my academic work seems to be slipping. I feel that Im spending to much time on the net, so now my main goal is to prioritize my work. This means that I can up the posting here even more with more efficiency, and still have time to exceed in my studies. This will require sheer determination and discipline – but I think I can do it! 🙂

‘Tis the season to be happy, so I’ll try and make this next month really interesting for me and you. Keep reading and commenting to keep this blog alive where so many others are falling behind!