Schools out for summer!

Well after a gruelling Physics exam this morning, I’m over-the-moon to say that I’m officially on Summer Holidays. Yay! This time I’ve got over 2 and a half months to really focus on my entrepreneurial dreams and to start building my internet empire.

I think the best idea now, is to make a plan of what I would like to achieve. For me planning is essential, as it helps organize my thoughts and concentrate me in one direction only instead of splitting my thoughts and attention.

Opening a forum has always appealed to me in terms of ease and monetising. I was talking to a few people this week who have built up a forum portfolio. One of the main reasons for their success they said, was the fact that forums have user-generated content. This is of course very valuable for SEO, as search engines love fresh content. Also forums tend to get a lot of pageviews, as people regularly arrive to check whether there are new posts or replies. As a result CPM advertising (cost per 1000 impressions of the ad) will result in a higher revenue.

As a result of these facts, I was inspired to buy a domain name for future forum development. GolfChum.com I think will become the number 1 golf forum, and I also have an idea to turn it into a Wiki…another money making method which I will be exploring in a future article.

I hope to make the most out of this long period of free time, and who knows, by the time I go back to school, I may have made a small fortune from my hard work!

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