Selling Niche Products

I regularly hear from Internet entrepreneurs (such as Robbin Tungett and blogger Yaro Starak), that selling Niche products is the key to success.
But what is a niche product to start with?
A niche is a category, not one of those diverse categories such as “sport” or “films”, but a more defined and generally speaking, a niche which appeals to less people. A few examples of this could be “dog food” or “wallets” or “car exhausts”.

According to a wide variety of sources, it is niche products that can cause repeat buying (i.e. buying multiple items from the same person), and an increase in sales. Also, another advantage is less competition from similar sellers.

Let me take a real life example from what I have been selling on eBay recently. Every month I acquire too much contact lens solution, and so I decided to research this on eBay. I listed an item of this solution, and the item attracted bids and sold at around £5. Since then, every contact lens solution I have listed has attracted bidders, and there are at any one time only 20-30 items online at a time = less competition!

I would recommend to anyone to start researching a niche product which they can sell on eBay or on their website. Start by going to www.alibaba.com to research an item. Then go to eBay to find the potential profit on an item (use completed listings function to help), and then finally, search on google to find any competition from other websites.

To your success…

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