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Why train as an SEO professional?

The majority of online business owners will agree that traffic forms the lifeline of any internet based business. Free traffic means free money and that’s why many websites compete for top spots in search engine results pages (SERPS). These competitions have seen an increasing demand for search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. SEO’s are individuals who have undergone SEO training and have acquired skills that enable them to optimize webpages to get high ranking in the SERPS. For people searching for an internet based career, becoming an SEO consultant has many benefits.

First, the internet is home to billions of webpages. Many of these are competing for top spots in the SERPS with regard to specific keywords. The good news is that new websites in need of SEO are created daily. For the SEO this simply means unlimited work and numerous emerging opportunities. This job is also virtually recession proof.

Second, SEO consultants can work from anywhere that has internet access. Consultations don’t usually require face-to-face meetings. Communication can take place via a video call or even over email. This gives the SEO consultant the opportunity to work from home and be with family or travel the world as they work.

Third, anyone can learn SEO as long as they have basic knowledge about how the internet works. There are very low barriers to succeed and a formal education isn’t a prerequisite to train as an SEO. In addition, there are countless SEO training resources available online.

Finally, SEOs work on a flexible time schedule allowing them to work on projects when they are at their best. The SEO consultant is their own boss and can choose which projects to work on or not.

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What is SEO?

SEO is a form of search engine marketing. It focuses on driving free organic traffic to webpages as opposed to paid traffic. SEO employs several tactics, which help a webpage to rank higher in the SERPS and thus guaranteeing free organic traffic. Some of these tactics include link building, content marketing, blogging, on page optimization and social media marketing.

SEO when used effectively can cause a website to rank high in search engines for specific keywords. Search engines use complicated algorithms to rank websites. The work of an SEO is to get websites to rank higher by using the aforementioned tactics and at the same time adhering to the regulations set by search engines.

One area that many SEOs specialize in is local SEO. When a business owner who provides services for a specific region, for example a dentist in Los Angeles, California, is looking for new customers, his online marketing efforts would target local customers. The SEO would want to optimize for keyword terms that include the location, for example, “dentist Los Angeles”.


Top places to get SEO training online

Learning SEO online can be quite easy if you find the best resources. Although there are online SEO training institutions, their courses can cost a fortune. There are however free resources that come in the form of websites and blogs. These are run by skilled SEOs who have worked on leading companies SEO projects. The major advantage of learning SEO from these resources is that they provide regular and newly updated information about the field. They also recommend the best tools to use for SEO.

Some of the top online resources for learning SEO include the following: is a link building authority blog run by Jon Cooper.  Be sure to read his ultimate link building guide, as it is an innovation in modern SEO tactics. is another blog run by a seasoned SEO, Matthew Woodward. The blog is part of an SEO agency headed by Matthew. SEO aspirants can get tons of information regarding current SEO trends from the blog. is a blog that’s run by internet marketer and SEO Spencer Haws. Here, Spencer shares his experiences with regard to applying SEO tactics in running his online niche sites. is run by one of the most popular internet marketers and SEOs, Neil Patel. The site offers free advice regarding the different trends in SEO marketing as well as tools that help sites rank better.

Brian Dean is yet another internet marketer and SEO that provides search engine optimization tips through his site The site provides practical strategies for businesses that want to get more free traffic from search engines. is a blog run by Hayden Miyamoto and Greg Nunan. Since its inception, the blog has been a source of information regarding the field of SEO. The information provided aims at helping SEOs build a lifetime business from their chosen career. is one of the best SEO blogs on the internet. Run by SEO and internet marketer Glen, the blog provides information regarding running a successful online business and some SEO.

Finally is yet another blog run by internet marketer and SEO Richard Marriott. The blog provides content regarding the different factors that affect SEO ranking.


Besides teaching SEO strategies, these resources also provide tools, which can be used to make SEO efforts easier.

Learning SEO can be the start of an exciting and challenging career. Unlike most careers, SEO consultancy is recession proof. In fact, demand for SEOs grows during recessions as online businesses compete to gain more traffic. It’s filled with the excitement of working with different websites and trying to make them rank higher for specific search terms. SEO requires continuous learning and keeping track of the changes occurring in search engine algorithms.

Many people believe that they have to have a college degree or specific certifications to learn SEO. Nothing can be further from the truth. Many of the top SEO professionals are self-taught. Many SEOs use free resources such as those mentioned above to learn SEO and became authorities in the field.

Since SEO keeps changing, the best places to learn about this profession are those, which provide information regarding the current SEO trends. These include blogs and websites run by professional and seasoned SEOs who provide free information about SEO strategies they use during the course of their work. These resources are also great for the professional who are competent in SEO basics but who also want to improve their skills.


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