Seven Surefire Steps To A Scorching Sales Pitch

Having a decent sales pitch can be one of the most important parts in the success of your business. While some may say that a good product can sell itself, others may argue that a salesman must show enthusiasm in his own item through his sales strategy or speech. Of course this may sound easy in theory, however for introverts and shy people, you must be able to talk the talk to be able to walk the walk of business success.

Below are seven surefire steps to clinching that deal and to giving you more money to go home with at the end of the day!

1) Smily Introductions – Nothing can beat that One Hundred Dollar Smile to the customer, and its this first impression that will help you with the rest of your sales pitch. Tell them your name and your cause with a nice wide grin and they’ll be struggling to keep the money in their pockets!

2) Question Your Customer? – Asking probing questions may seem nosy but in fact its a proven way to get the person involved in your pitch. For example if you have a product that will improve your golf, then why not throw in a rhetorical question, “Its so hard trying to get that handicap down to single figures isn’t it?!” Then that’s where your product will come in to solve their problem! Also finding out more about the customer’s life can help you to focus your sales speech more on their daily problems and your solutions.

3) Tell Them The Low Down On Your Item
– After the brief introduction and a rhetorical question or 2, reel off the information about your item or your service. Know the ins and outs and every single piece of fact about what your item does, how it can benefit the customer, feedback that you may have received from other people and anything else that will help to improve your sales conversions. Be excited in what you’re selling and people will be enthusiastic too.

4) Throw In Some Extras – Its the classic car salesman situation, “Buy our brand new Ford Mondeo and we’ll throw in air conditioning, electric seats and a windscreen wiper all for free!” Chances are that the price you’re paying covers all of these items twice over, but the reality is that customers love to know that they’re getting stuff for free – so add complimentary features to your service and see your customers’ eyes light up.

5) Make ‘Em Laugh! – Everyone loves a good giggle. And by adding humour to your talk or throwing in that well known punchline you’ll build a great customer relationship thus increasing the chances of him/her buying something off you. I tend to notice that sarcasm works particularly well – so don’t lay off on the old dark wit…

6) The “Special Price” – Once you’re done giving the facts about your service/product then give your patient customer a special price – just for him/her, “Oh go on then, I’ll give you a 10% discount.” This will make the person feel over-the-moon thinking they’ve got a bargain, when in fact you’ve still benefited from your nice markup. But don’t go giving price reductions willy-nilly, only for those people who have listened to your pitch really nicely!

7) 3 for the price of 1 – Finally if all else seems to be going the other way, hit ’em with the mega bargain/BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) shazam. Again everyone wants to know that they’ve just managed to get some extra features or a better product. So if you’re selling a personalised golf ball, “Not only are you getting a golf ball, but you’ll also get to see your logo every shot and this will improve your handicap”. Now Im not saying that you should make stuff up like this, but be original and the customers will be falling at your feet.

Hopefully all these tactics should help you to skyrocket your sales, but one last bit of advice. Get inside the customer’s head and imagine what would lure you to buy your own product. What final bit of information would sway you into making a purchase? Use this to your advantage, know who you’re selling to and racking up conversions should become a piece of cake.

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