Supporting Other Entrepreneurs

I consider myself a loyal reader to quite a few blogs on the internet. A lot of these are my friends’ blogs at the MindPetals Entrepreneur Network. Others are simply blogs which capture my attention and motivate me within. One of these blogs is Entrepreneurs-Journey, written by Yaro Starak. Yaro as an Internet Entrepreneur prides himself on his excellent communication skills and his good judgement and honesty.

As a result I was a bit shocked when people started “attacking” him due to an article that he had written promoting an Adsense Master’s Ebook product. This product contained details of how to obtain Adsense templates. Now for many of Yaro’s readers, they thought that this was intrusive because of a number of reasons:

  • They thought Yaro was promoting a tool that Spammers and Splogs could use in an effort to build up Adsense money.
  • They knew that Yaro hadn’t even reviewed the product and so the information was of little use to them
  • They thought that Yaro was becoming too greedy as he was trying to get more revenue through affiliate links

All of this information may have been true, but I think that the commenters’ behaviour on Yaro’s blog was totally uncalled for. Instead of recognising how much hard work and effort Yaro had put into maintaining Entrepreneurs-Journey, and all of the valuable information he had written, they still chose to take a “cheap-shot” at him, giving him stick for one mistake he made.

Due to all of Yaro’s harsh criticism, yesterday he decided to change the focus of Entrepreneurs-Journey more towards actual entrepreneurial articles. While this may be better for the site’s ranking and SEO, I think that this move will cause the breakup of the site. Yaro even says that he doesn’t mind if he posts “Once per month”. In my opinion, I don’t think that this is sufficient to maintain his current readership of about 1500 subscribers. And I definitely believe that it is the cruel work of a few of his commenters that has lead to his decision.

Instead of criticising, I think that more entrepreneurs like Yaro should have stood up for Mr Starak, and should have protected his blogs and businesses from any major backlashes. As entrepreneurs we do not only have a duty to innovate, but we have a responsibility to help others, and to change things around us. If more people had helped Yaro out of his difficult situation then he would not have been put under so much pressure resulting in “sleepless nights”. However, he has vowed to write another blog focusing on personal development, this may even turn out to be even better for his internet empire. I hope so…

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