T3Leads – CPA Network Review

In the ‘make money online’ realm, there are literally hundreds of ways to do so, whether it be through blogging, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, SEO, a number of other ways, or a combination of them all!

One of the popular ways to make money using your website or your marketing skills is through affiliate marketing and CPA networks. But yet there are still tens or hundreds of them out there. So finding the right company to work with is important – be sure that they fit to your needs, are providing you with the best service possible, and you are able to effectively make money with them. I mean, that is what is important isn’t it?

Who are T3Leads?

One of the growing CPA networks that I am reviewing here is T3Leads. T3Leads is a pay-per-lead affiliate network that sells leads through an auctioning system which they say will help to maximize your profits. Being a pay-per-lead network, T3Leads pays you whenever a visitor to your site clicks and provides the lead information relevant to the advertiser, the product, or the service. This means that you do not know how much you are going to get paid for every lead you make, because they are auctioned off to the highest bidding company in that area.

What do T3Leads Offer?

T3Leads currently deals mostly with the following types of companies: debt settlement, credit cards, home improvement, insurance, tax debt, mortgage loands, payday loans, auto loans, and foreclosure. Notice anything that these industries have in common? They all have been in the news, in the United States, as having hard times and causing the rough economic status of the country.

It will be interesting to see how this area of focus plays out to the company because they claim be paying some pretty hefty payouts on leads, sometimes more than $30.00 PER lead. Anyway, this is just one aspect to consider when looking at which affiliate networks you may work with – the industries that they focus on dealing with and what kind of diversity they offer.

The Other Perks

Other aspects to consider, however, include having an easy to manage account, getting great customer service and fast responses, BI-WEEKLY payments, and “the best paying referral program in the industry”. Yes, you read that correctly, bi-weekly payments. Now that is something you do not see too often. The majority of networks will pay out only after the end of the month AND if you meet a minimum required earnings amount. However, with T3Leads, as long as you continue to reach the minimum of $100, then you will be paid every two weeks. Almost like working a full time job!

If you are new to the industry and are looking for expanded assistance when starting up your campaigns and efforts, then T3Leads support staff is definitely there to help you. Besides offering a forum for publishers, the offer a ton of promo tools to help you be successful.

They even guarantee the highest conversion rates in the industry – ranging from 1:6 to 1:9. For an affiliate network that wants to strive to provide the best support to their publishers, their forum is not as busy as one would expect…unless you can read Russian. The forum is broken down into a Russian section and an English section. The Russian area has more topics and replies compared to the English area, so grab that portable translator that you used to take to your foreign language classes in school to cheat on tests with so you can read everything.

Sign up with T3Leads

Overall, I would definitely recommend that you get signed up with T3Leads so that you have more diversity amongst your affiliate networks, and because it is a great resource for both new and experienced affiliates.

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