Ten Free BlackBerry Apps You Actually Want!

blackberry-appsBlackBerry handheld devices give you complete mobility for your business or personal life.  With functioning phone, email, and text messaging you can stay in constant communication with important people no matter where you go.  But simple communication is only the beginning.  BlackBerry devices now have a huge range of software applications (or “apps”) which bring their functionality to a whole new level.

Some of these apps are totally superfluous—and of course there are plenty of games and other time-wasters you can play with, but this is a list of ten BlackBerry phone apps you actually want and will use in your business.  Oh, and they are all FREE:

1.     Viigo  (http://viigo.com/home)

Viigo is basically an RSS reader which has been specifically designed for handheld devices.  It is beautifully designed, easy to install and use, and offers you several options for keeping your different channels organized.  Stay up on your favorite blogs and keep up with breaking news in real time with Viigo.

2.    Twitterberry (http://www.orangatame.com/products/twitterberry/)

Twitterberry brings the magic of Twitter to your BlackBerry with convenience and speed.  You can quickly update your own Twitter status, send direct messages, view your friends’ updates exclusively, and view your replies.  Twitter on the go and give the world a play-by-play of your successes in the world of business.

3.    Facebook for Blackberry (http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2254487659)

As more people get connected on the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook for Blackberry makes it easy to access the site quickly from any location and  update your status, send a private message, view your own profile (or anyone else’s), invite new friends, and much more.

4.     Opera Mini (http://www.opera.com/mini/)

A full-fledged web browser that is made for your hand-held device, Opera allows for total customization, and the pages are compressed (without compromising graphic appeal) for speedy browsing.

5.     Grid Magic (http://www.simprit.com/free/gridmagic/)

The only free spreadsheet application for BlackBerry, you can quickly launch and begin creating financial or data sheets on the go for your business.

6.     Web Messenger (http://www.webmessenger.com/products/im-all.htm)

A single application that lets you access all your instant messenger accounts in one tool; import your Yahoo!, MSM, AOL, and Skype contacts and have real-time interaction with all your friends and business associates.

7.     BlackBerry Currency Converter (http://m.fxconverter.com/fxlabs_intro.shtml)

Whether traveling for business or doing transactions with overseas clients, the Blackberry currency converter will let you get real-time global information for all major world currencies.

8.    PocketMac (http://www.pocketmac.net/products/pmblackberry/index.html)

Just because you have a Mac doesn’t mean you have to have an iPhone.  Many Mac owners love the Blackberry, and now they can sync their desktop or laptop Apple computer with their Blackberry handheld device using this application.

9.    E-Trade Mobile Pro (https://us.etrade.com/e/t/mobile_pro?SC=BR12345&WT.mc_id=BR12345)

Keep an eye on the market and your own portfolio using this handy app from E-Trade.com

10.    Where (http://www.where.com/carriers/BBHH.php)

Where coordinates with your GPS and generates points of local interest—everything from restaurants to state parks.  It generates maps and directions as well as local weather alerts.

BlackBerry has so many amazing functions that anyone can step away from the office and feel confident that they can keep their business running.  Do you have a favorite BlackBerry app that is not on this list?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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