Thanks To June/July Sponsors

Well, I’m back! After enjoying 8 days away from the UK I’m back and ready to carry on with my projects. I was pretty poorly organised before I left and thus only left you guys with 1 video post during the week – thus I need to pick up the activity a bit around here even though RSS stats stayed the same at a high of 560 subscribers.

In this fairly short post, I just wanted to give a big shout of thanks out to my sponsors. This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but have never got round to doing, even though my sponsors are the running blood of this blog. As usual, my Text Link Ads spots are fully booked up currently, but there is one spot that is freeing up next week, so make sure you keep watching this page if you want to get your link in before it becomes booked up again.

So, firstly many thanks out to my TLA Advertisers:

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On top of these regulars, private advertising is becoming more and more popular here on Blogtrepreneur and now accounts for well over 50% of my online earnings. So far, 2 image ads have been purchased – so thanks should be given to:

1) Collis and the gang from Freelance Switch – This blog on Freelance Employment Advice has become one of the fastest growing blogs around (read this article on their immediate success and a cool graph). I’ve known Collis ever since he purchased a paid review on this blog, and since then have kept in touch with him and have seen the fame he’s managed to garner. Congratulations Collis and Cyan and here’s to the future of FSW! P.S. If you’re a freelancer, then checkout the new Freelancer Survey and for passive incomists, checkout Collis’ new subsite!

2) Brian Aldrich from ThePrizeBlog – I’ve known Brian for a fairly short time, but he’s always been a frequent commenter here on Blogtrepreneur. His site is a little more different from the rest. It shows daily prizes and competitions and already has a healthy subscribership. At the moment he’s got a 6 Days Prize Contest going on, so checkout the prizes and enter for your chance to win! Thanks for advertising here Brian.

As well as the image ads, we’ve also had text ads and inline post ads purchased. So a quick “thankyou” to:

– Melissa from NationalPayDay who specializes in cash advance and payday loans. She bought a 6 month text link which is featured in the Sponsors section in the sidebar.
– Joely from Intermedia who has 7 inline text links scattered throughout various posts. He has sites on outlook exchange services.

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Remember though, that the Summer Sale on Advertising, where you can get 50% off any package for as long as you want, is ending at the end of July. So that means, get your links and image ads in to me quickly (contact me first) to take advantage of this great deal from a top-ranked PR5 blog. I’ve got a few paid reviews ready to be written and you can have your place here too!

So, thanks to the above sponsors who have given me the encouragement to keep on blogging, but most importantly, thanks to you guys. It was so nice coming back from holiday to have an email inbox full of your comments on loads of posts (thanks for moderating Ray) and to have more questions and requests from my readers. Now I know why people go on so much about social networking.

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