I’ve been a little caught up lately with the launch of Blogtrepreneur.com, so I really want to take a moment to step-back and thank a few people for their help in getting Blogtrepreneur off the ground.

Firstly and most importantly to Matt from www.mandladventures.com who designed and coded the whole site. I “met” Matt through my Blogger blog, when he began to leave a great number of useful comments on my posts. I contacted him and over time began to get to know him. He then kindly offered to help me set-up Blogtrepreneur.com to which I accepted the offer. I think he underestimated how time-consuming it would be, so I am grateful to him for managing to fit in the coding even after busy days at work. I also want to thank him for his constant patience and support, when Blogtrepreneur has seemed so unlikely.

Secondly, I want to thank various members of the YoungEntrepreneur Forums, including Nathan Waters who also helped encourage me and kept me motivated! Also to Steve from Frozen Webhost who has sorted out any problems that I have had with my hosting. Also thanks to all the sites who have linked to me and in doing, made the 70 unique visitors possible on the launch day of Blogtrepreneur.com

And finally, thankyou WordPress and all you plug-in makers for having such a brilliant blogging platform. I would have made the change earlier if I had know that WordPress offers such a diverse range of options!

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