The End of a Hectic Weekend

Phew! This weekend I was pretty much on the go for the whole day. I think this showed in the distinct lack of posts and the change of my rhythm over the past 2 or 3 days. Although I havn’t managed to get a good few hours in front of the computer I really enjoyed the time I was away from the screen. On Saturday, I went shopping for a new mobile phone (and hopefully I should be getting my new Sony Ericsson K800i soon!), I took part in a golf match (although unfortunately we lost), and in the evening I went to a friend’s for a birthday party. Sunday also consisted of more socialising and seeing my cousins.

I had hoped before the weekend began to be ready to release by today, but as usual by internet product terms, it just wasn’t to be. I never like to set a formal deadline just in case things happen to go wrong right at the last minute, or in case I forgot to add a feature into the program. As a result, I only release when Im comfortable and ready. Just to let you know, that Im just adding a few extra features to The Golf Chum program such as a 30 minute refresh and an automatic updater and although these don’t take long to do, I want to make sure that these work perfectly.

Matt from has kindly been working on the new site, and although its not completely finished yet, I anticipate the program and the site to be finished by tomorrow at the latest (but no promises!). Please spread the word about this program so that I can get the most people to hear about it at the launch date. And don’t forget to stay tuned here at, because it will be here where I will announce the release first!