The Entrepreneurial Art of Recovery

As I sit here beginning this article Im starting to feel much better after the strenuous 12 days of food poisoning that I unfortunately caught thanks to some dodgy cooking. However, yesterday I was left picking up the pieces after having been away from the internet for so long. Fortunately for me though as an entrepreneur, my motivation was what carried me through.

But do entrepreneurs generally have a knack for recuperating after illness like me, or after a period away from the computer? I did some research to find out.

The first of my examples I managed to dig up is Robin Eveleigh – he managed to overcome two years suffering from severe agoraphobia and decided to build on a lifetime’s passion for gardening and set up his own business – whilst attaining The Prince’s Trust & The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Business of the Year. To quote from him,

“The illness wore away my self-confidence and made it impossible for me to go out in public without support but I did not want to give in and was determined that I would not be ill and out of work for the rest of my life.”

The second example who also managed to attain the “Business of the Year” title was Emma Allen who overcame stress-related mental illness to build a successful bespoke framing company. She said, “Having overcome personal difficulties, I realised that setting up my own business was my best option for employment. Being here today proves that if I can do it, others can too. A business isn’t just a business – it can be a lifeline.”

These examples go to show how the determination that is possessed by an entrepreneur and their drive can sometimes be a great thing especially when coming to terms with illness. By simply not admitting to defeat and by striving to stay on top of the condition, I think that all entrepreneurs can fight their way to the top. I hope that I too can be just as successful in my second attempt to launch GolfChum.

I consider today and the rest of the days from here on to be a fresh start to life online. Although I have enjoyed the relaxation that I managed to get throughout my food poisoned days, I still realised that the internet was for me rather than having cold feet and walking away. Im glad that the entrepreneurial traits of my character have urged me to continue with my quest for worldwide recognition and that they have helped me to recuperate after being out of the game for so long. Let’s just hope that it never happens again to anyone – because I definitely can’t afford to be away from my computer for any longer!

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