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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bing Network. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Over the years, search has changed drastically. Companies have adjusted their algorithms to make it more humanized and user-friendly for their consumers. Not only is search valuable for the everyday audience, it has also became highly essential for businesses over time.

Without becoming familiar with search advertising, entrepreneurs are missing out on a major opportunity to market their businesses and connect with patrons. Bing’s level of innovation makes it an integral part of millions of tech users’ lives, meaning it’s also a major platform through which businesses can network and grow. For those outside the loop, here are several unexpected places in which innovative makes life just a little bit easier.

Search suggestions – When you’re having trouble finding that cool product preview or the tasty recipe you tried last week, Bing doesn’t just leave you hanging. Instead, its related keyword algorithms come together to provide you with search suggestions that nudge you in the right direction. By clicking suggestion links at the top and right-hand side of the search screen, users can easily track down what they were looking for to begin with—no wild goose chase necessary. Now imagine you’re the product creator or the food blogger who put those awesome things on the Web. You wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on the extra traffic, would you?

Image search – No matter how good you are at boosting your website’s SEO, you know it can be tough to get your links onto the front page of a search engine’s results. With a unique image search, the dreaded avoidance of second-page results is no more—instead, users by default receive an endless scroll of results, placing top links and images with ones that haven’t quite bubbled up just yet.

Cortana – The super-helpful virtual assistant released alongside Windows 10 is a personified version of everything modern user technology has to offer. Without lifting a finger, PC and Windows smartphone users can request weather updates, check for your latest blog post, search your company’s Instagram handle, and more. Finding and staying up-to-date on your content has never been easier.

Yelp – Local Yelp search results make finding the perfect business a snap. Its organizational algorithms allow users to filter results based on overall rating, cost, neighborhood, walking distance, hours of operation, and more, then view only the most relevant links. If you own a brick-and-mortar business, it’s time to make sure it’s on Yelp.

Twitter translation – Language barriers are a thing of the past with translation features on Twitter. Simply click the globe icon below a tweet to translate it into your desired language. Your business just went global.

Uber maps – Uber is the most popular “taxi” app on the market. With it, riders can easily select their destinations for price estimates, and drivers can view routes ahead of time (and in case they get lost). To make sure Uber riders can get to your business, add your information to Bing Places.

Xbox One – Search also translates to the gaming industry.  The Xbox experience is a seamless one with voice search. Gamers simply use the vocal command, “Xbox, Bing . . .” to initiate a Web-wide search—no need to put down the controller or reach for a smartphone.

Spotlight search – Searching the entirety of a smartphone sounds like an impossible feat, but it isn’t with spotlight search. Swiping left on an iPhone or tapping the spotlight search button on an Amazon smartphone initiates the search; typing in a keyword allows search sites to dig through your texts, emails, apps, and more. With the Humanization of Search, what would be an hour-long hunt through your rose gold smartphone is now an instant one.

With Bing at the forefront of innovative search, it’s an impossible service for entrepreneurs to ignore. Understanding and utilizing Bing’s many features allows business owners to fully connect with their audiences and further convey their core messages. Learn more about Bing Network and share how they have made entrepreneurship easier for you?

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Matthew Toren

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