The power of branding your business well

In my opinion, one of the most important aspect of a company is their name and logo. Whenever you walk into a supermarket or a shop, you are greeted with hundreds upon hundreds of companies each with their own different logos and customer appeals. These companies make their packaging appealing to the eye, have slogans which encapture their audience and have bold logos which adds trust to their company.

Think about it like this. You wouldn’t go and pick up a Virgin Cola instead of a Coca-Cola (unless you love Richard Branson) because you associate the wavy Coca-Cola logo with quality and good taste. Its the same as buying a television from a reputable company, or choosing a pair of jeans – you’re more likely to go for brands which you have heard of, and which you have built up a relationship with.

For the companies that make these products, the sense of creating a bond is very important for the well-being of their sales and revenue. That’s why its especially important to plan out your business company name and logo, as it can really make a difference upon how well you do.

In terms of the internet, it is more likely that Google initially got more visitors than search engines like Altavista because of their fun company name. The word Google has even been transformed into a verb “Just go and Google it!”. Their brand name must have been an influential factor in their growth and popularity.

Your brand can make or break your company. You need to make a decision whether you want to have a fun and funky name or a professional company name, as you need to appeal to your specific audience. I will go over my method of creating a consumer friendly and memorable brand name in another article so don’t go anywhere!

Remember to put yourself in your consumer’s shoes, would you buy a product or service from your company? If not then its time to revise your business structure and name. If so, then follow this up with unbeatable service and promote your company name everywhere so as to create a reputable relationship.

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